Joining the key.

Quickest way to obtain membership is a referral from one of our existing members. The other way is to provide details or a LinkedIn profile so we can verify and vet. We are searching for Manhattan’s leading influencers. This is for 23 years of age or older. We reserve the right to deny membership as well as admission. At present time there are no annual dues or monthly spends. Membership only requires a nightly admission.

To be considered we suggest in the details section, put your LinkedIn profile or information about yourself: where you work, title of job, and a quick bio.

You should also put if you were referred by a “Key” member. Referrals are expedited. Application verification typical takes 5 business days or quicker depending on detail you provide. Once accepted you will receive a weekly email and text invite. These invites must be shown at the door for entry.


The Exclusive Private Membership


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